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Question: How long do I have to wait for my order to be shipped?

Answer: Because Bobbie Carlyle does not deal in mass productions she may not have your desired sculpture on hand.  If that is the case the order will be placed through the foundry and they will begin the creation process.  Depending on the bronze intricacy and size, production times may vary anywhere between 1-4 months.  We use UPS on the lighter items (boxed items), crating company for the larger items, and for the life-size and above a Freighting company. Shipping times vary depending on the item purchased and the method used to ship your purchase.  We are working on a shorter lead-time to fill your orders faster. Thank you for your patience.  

Question: When are International Orders shipped?

Answer: We try to provide you with the cheapest possible shipping costs and obtain quotes from a few different sources.  Depending on the size of the sculpture, it may be shipped via U.S. Postal Service, or a shipping company.  We ship Worldwide and welcome orders from anywhere in the world. Currently, we use Federal Express for our International Orders. When placing an order, please choose "International " under shipping. This menu choice will replace the shipping charge with a zero and the appropriate Shipping Costs will be manually entered by Order Entry.

Question: What if I am shipped the wrong order or my order was damaged in shipping?

Answer: If you are shipped the incorrect product or the product is damaged please contact our customer service division during our regular business hours at:

Jennifer Crosby
5640 Reykjavik Place, Dulles, VA 20189-5640
(703) 915-9264
send email to:

Question: Does Bobbie Carlyle put out a Catalog of products?

Answer: We have chosen the Internet as the most cost effective way of bringing you the most up to date information when you want it. By controlling our costs, it allows us to keep your purchase price as low as possible.   We do have a brochure that we mail out.

Question: Where are Bobbie Carlyle's sculptures shipped from?

Answer: Bobbie Carlyle studio is located in Loveland, Colorado and the sculptures are usually shipped from there, or if she happens to have one available at another location then it will be shipped from there.

Question: If I have questions about an order whom do I call?

Answer: If you have questions about items or an order you may call Jennifer Crosby at: (703) 915-9264 or send email to:

Question: Who owns and operates this website?

Answer: This website is owned by Bobbie Carlyle's daughter, Jennifer Crosby, who designs and operates this website.  If you have any questions about the website or notice anything that needs fixing please give her a call at: (703) 915-9264 or send an email to: .  We try our best to deliver to you a high quality product on-line and in person.  We are open to constructive criticism and suggestions to improve the website, our service, and our product.  Thank you for any and all input you give us.





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